Friday, 13 July 2012

127 Day - 12th July 2012

Flooded Underpass, Baby Ikonta, Agfa Retro 80S
Having had a couple of months away from the darkroom, yesterday's 127 Day was the perfect excuse to shoot and develop some film. Unlike previous 127 Days, I wasn't at work in one form or another, so I wasn't constrained by that (in some respects constraints like this can help give shape to the day); with all the recent rain, the morning was bright and sunny, so I went out to shoot some film.

I took my Baby Ikonta, already loaded with out of date Efke R21 (now branded R100, the '21' relates to the film's DIN number, 100 being the equivalent ISO). I had a roll of Agfa Retro 80S, and a roll of Kodak Verichrome Pan, with an expiry date of 12/81. I also shot a second roll of Verichrome Pan with an expiry date of 1968 in the Foth Derby. All films were developed with Rodinal, the expired films were stand developed for 1 hour, at a dilution of 1:100 (the expired films were also rated at half their nominal speed).

Previously, I've had mixed results with expired Verichrome Pan. The roll of Verichrome Pan with the more recent expiry date wasn't stuck to the backing paper, unlike the older roll, a problem I've encountered before. The more recent film was packaged differently, with a sealed foil-backed wrapper: the older films were simply packaged in twisted foil paper, which may have let the film get damp at some point, although I have no knowledge of how either of the films had been stored through the years. The expired R21 had a similar problem, with a mottled texture on the negatives, possibly transferred from the backing paper.

Lea Bridge Road Station, Baby Ikonta, expired Efke R21
Argall Road Industrial Estate, Foth Derby, expired Verichrome Pan
Graffiti, Shadows, Baby Ikonta, expired Verichrome Pan
Forest Road, Baby Ikonta, Agfa Retro 80S
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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Summer 127 Day

Having been engaged with other projects and not posted for some time, I am planning to shoot some film for next week's 127 Day - 12th July. Sadly, I don't have any more out-of-date FP4 in 127 format, but I do have a couple of rolls of 80S to shoot.

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