Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Tuesday 28th February is 'Take Your Box Camera To Work Day'

Keen to keep this camera-themed day going, and with just under two weeks to go, this year, Tuesday 28th February is 'Take Your Box Camera To Work Day'. Looking back at previous years, it's frequently been on the 28th (or 29th February), so it may be good to define it simply as the last week day in February each year. The concept wasn't mine, but I have intermittently attempted to promote it in recent years, as camera- or film-themed days have become popular; it's just another excuse to shoot film. Of course, there are a number of considerations around shooting a box camera in a work environment: not all work situations are amenable to such behaviour; and, with most work generally being inside, the fact that box cameras are designed for exterior daylight shots, one needs to adopt strategies for achieving a decent exposure, often involving either using fast film (or push processing), or 'B' settings for long exposures, or both.

For those posting on Flickr, in the Box Camera Revolution Group or elsewhere, including Twitter, the tags 'TYBCTWD' and 'TYBCTWD17' will help identify shots from the day. Although I've taken it upon myself to promote the concept, I don't intend to adjudicate if photographs were shot at work, or on the day itself, still less to define what precisely constitutes a box camera: the spirit of the day is what counts for anyone willing to participate.

Kodak No.2 Brownie with Rollei RPX 400

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  1. Ah, so there's even a TYBCTWD!! I didn't know that, until now, but I'll give it a go next year. I work at sea, and won't be able to swim home to get one in time :)
    I actually usually bring one or three cameras every trip (film of course) but the closest thing to a box I ever travel with would be the Rolleiflex. I might instead just brush the dust of some old Agfa Box or something when I get home, just to be ready for next years happening :)