Saturday, 30 March 2019

'Take Your Box Camera To Play Day' 2019

Thornton Pickard Stereo Puck stereo pair on Ilford HP5 Plus 
Following February's Take Your Box Camera To Work Day, last weekend was Take Your Box Camera To Play Day. For this - perhaps a little more unusual than my other box cameras - I used a Thornton-Pickard Stereo Puck, a wooden-bodied stereo box camera from the early 1930s, which takes 120 film, and shoots eight 6x4.5cm stereo pairs on a roll. 'Work' and 'play' were slippery terms in regards to the day itself, as I was at the exhibition at Sluice HQ for much of the day, and took some shots there, and then afterwards.

This was the first roll of film shot with the Stereo Puck, and it showed up some issues with focus, possibly due to film flatness, and some deep scratches through the film. My version of the camera has a close-up filter, which I used in taking the shot with the blossom below, of which the focus appears best; without the close up filter, the lenses do not appear to resolve an image at infinity, possibly fixed at an intermediate distance. The two frames do not quite align vertically, something I've corrected in making the anaglyph images, five from the roll of film I considered worth posting; the stereo pairs are also posted on my Flickr stream.

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