Monday, 15 September 2014

Rollei RPX 25 & 400 available in large format

Casually browsing last night, I saw that two of the Rollei RPX films, RPX 25 and RPX 400 are now available as 4x5 inch sheet film. These are competitively priced, not as cheap as Fomapan sheet film, but considerably less than Ilford or Kodak large format films (at the time of writing only is stocking the sheet versions of the films). Of the RPX range, I have particularly been impressed by the RPX 400, which is a very versatile fast black and white film; while RPX 25 I found needed more careful exposure and development, however, as all the other slow black and white films currently available are orthochromatic (Rollei and Adox), a panchromatic 25 ISO film is welcome.

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