Tuesday, 19 December 2017

127 Day December 2017

Two weeks ago, I shot a single roll of Ilford FP4 Plus cut down to 127 with the Baby Ikonta for December's 127 Day. By coincidence, the 7th of the month coinciding with the 'shoot week' of the FP4 Party announced for December (I also shot some expired 35mm FP4 during the week, for which I'm intending to write a separate post). The weather conditions might have suggested a faster film, but I shot FP4 Plus, with a small push to EI 200. Wanting to finish the roll on the day with relatively limited opportunities I found myself using 1/5th handheld on the Underground and a couple of shots at night, as well as the T for a couple of long exposures. The shots at 1/5th were better than expected; being generous, what these lack in sharpness is compensated for in atmosphere, perhaps.

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